Knitters Tools - Using Yarn Bowls

yarn bowl.JPG

Perfect Size and Heft/Beauty Meets Function

Ok, I'm going to come clean.  I always thought of yarn bowls as pretty to look at, but yet one more thing to dust and absolutely unnecessary. I'm never going to buy one of those!   

Then of course I receive one as a gift  Not to appear ungracious I used it.  Now I'm positively sold and here;s why:


  • Keeps yarn lint, fuzz and debris free (essential if you have furry friends about).
  • Stabilizes the yarn ball and keeps it from rolling away from you (I've spent a lot of time chasing these runaways, so for me this is huge) and also keeps your yarn ball away from curious pets.
  • Keeps yarn tangle free.
  • Ideal for tucking a small project away when you are done for the day.
  • Substantially sized and weighty.  
  • Beautiful to display and collect.
  • Slotted openings allow yarn to flow smoothly.

Here's A Peek

So there you have it.  One of my new knitting accessory favorites and a practical tool!.

Happy Knitting!


The Knitting Doctor