5 Reasons Why You Need this Knitting Needle Set

5 Reasons Why You Need this Knitting Needle Set

5 Reasons Why You Need this Knitting Needle Set

Knitters Pride 16” Special Interchangeable Needle Set is an ndispensable knitters tool for hats, cowls, small projects, baby garments, and swatching.

This is my great find for the day. I don’t know why I didn’t spy this Knitters Pride set before, so of course I have take it apart and see if it is as special as I think it is!  

Knitting Jackpot! Here's why:

What's included in the Special 16" Interchangeable Needle Set

  • Size US 4 Tips - Aquamarine
  • Size US 5 Tips - Orange Lily
  • Size US 6 Tips - Fuchsia Fan
  • Size US 7 Tips - Grey Onyx
  • Size US 8 Tips - Cherry Blossom
  • Size US 9 Tips - Misty Green
  • Size US 10 Tips - Candy Pink
  • Fabric Case with see through Vinyl
  • 2 Cords (to make 16" needles)
  • 1 set of size markers
  • 4 End caps
  • 2 Cord keys

What I Love Most About this Needle Set (and why you need it!)

  1. Multi-colored wooden tips polished and waxed as you come to expect from Knitters Pride make it easy to find the needle size you need.
  2. Stitches glide and don’t stick on these needles but they aren't so slippery that you don't have control.
  3. Unique 3.5” tips are just the right size for a 16” needle/cable configuration. If you’ve ever worked a 16” with a long tip you know it’s awkward and not all that much fun.
  4. Ideal addition to your tool kit if you’ve formed the good habit of swatching. I swatch almost everything, so this could be my swatching set.
  5. Pretty black damask zippered fabric case with a clear vinyl front. It’s sturdy, well made and compact so it’s easy to slip in your on-the go bag.

Take a closer look and see what you think:  Knitter's Pride Special 16" Interchangeable Needle Set

Happy Knitting!