7 Reasons Why You Have to Knit this Yarn

7 Reasons Why You Have to Knit this Yarn

7 Reasons Why You Have to Knit this Yarn


Have you ever worked with a yarn that scored such high marks and were so proud of your project results that you had to tell every knitter you knew?  Well, this is one of those times and I’m about to tell you!  Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky yarn is an underestimated and overlooked treasure in the knitting arena.

How I Discovered Ultra Alpaca Chunky Yarn

I was looking for a yarn and not just any yarn.  My project was winter hats for a party of 5 manly,  20-something guys, so I had a number of requirements. When I stumbled upon Ultra Alpaca Chunky it suited all of my needs and I've listed them below.

Here's the 7 Reasons Why You Have to Knit this Yarn

  1. Durable - The fiber is beautifully spun and uniform in diameter and there was no pilling or worn fiber at all (after several rip-outs).  Yarn does not split and I never found a knot in any of the skeins (and I had 5 skeins!).
  2. Good stitch definition - You’ll get nice crisp stitch patterns with Ultra Alpaca Chunky.  My ribbing was well defined and springy. This is an excellent choice to create textured pattern motifs.
  3. Washable (at least hand washable) - Hand wash cold - dry flat.
  4. Neutral yet fashionable colors - Nice range for fellas, too!
  5. Soft and springy - Very squishy with all of the spring that I wanted.  So soft that I really “wanted” to pull if down over my ears, and toasty too!  
  6. Good yardage and reasonable price point - 131 yards and good value for a luxury blend fiber for your $.
  7. Alpaca! - I can't forget to mention my favorite part! This 50/50 blend of alpaca/wool provides the softness of alpaca and stitch definition of wool for a combination that can't be beat.

All in all a great yarn and a great price!  I will absolutely use this again and if you try it you certainly will too. Shop Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky Yarn

Happy Knitting!

- Donna, your friendly Knitting Doctor