Berroco Artisan Yarn Review

Hello Noble Knitters! It's KnitDocDonna coming to you with a new arrival from Berroco it's called Artisan yarn. It is a worsted weight. 80% wool, 20% silk - it is a plied yarn dyed with a tonal effect. It comes in some beautiful colors. This one is sort of a stone shade, followed by one that is more of a sand color. These two are more of the neutral of the line along with a charcoal gray that actually has flecks of gray and even a little bit of green. 

Very interesting yarns - I think it's going to give you great stitch definition for cables, seed stitch, or whatever you might have in mind. Also, it would be really great with lace. And it is followed up by my two jewel tones. We have one in mustard and one here in a wine color. 

It's a very nice yarn line, one that I think is going to give you a really great transitional project. So it's KnitDocDonna. Thank you for joining me today. Have a look at Artisan and the Berroco patterns that go with it at Please like us, comment, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thanks!

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