Erika Knight Maxi Wool Yarn Review

Hello Noble Knitters! It's Donna, I'm the Knitting Doctor here at NobleKnits. Today you'll find me working on a swatch of our newly arrived yarns. It is Erika Knight's Maxi Wool. It is a bulky weight fiber that knits up at two stitches per inch.  It is a 3-ply twist with a bit of a homespun or fuzzy appearance. You are going to get 87 yards to the ball with this and you'll be able to hand wash this garment and dry flat. 

It's available in some really great shades and I've got several of them and I'm actually going to show you color families.   Then, you can take a look at the full line on our website. So let's look at the brights. These are true colors, not a bit muddy. We have here a true cherry red, a chartreuse, soldier blue, and spruce green. Again, real true colors in the primary. We also have a selection of more of the pastels or the soft shades. This one is orchid with a sort of rosy undertone, and here is a lighter shade or lighter color intensity in the same color family, and here is a baby blue. 

Now, not to be forgotten, are the neutrals. Erika Knight has included the deeper grays (the flannel grays) the winter whites, there are a couple browns and tans, and probably a fiber that I'll be using for myself this year is a black. Sometimes it's difficult to find a black in a thicker, heavier, homespun wool. This is really great for outerwear, men's wear (I know my husband wants a black sweater). So, this is going to be one of my picks.

Again, this is two stitches to the inch, it's going to knit up quickly and 87 yards to the ball. I hope you enjoyed today's segment of Erika Knight Maxi Wool. If you like this video give us a thumbs up, send us a comment, and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. Thanks so much for watching!

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