Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend Yarn Review

Hello Noble Knitters! It's Donna, I'm the Knitting Doctor here at NobleKnits and I'm going to start out by asking you a question: Who out there hasn't had a fabulous yarn that they just couldn't wait to drape around their neck?Well, this is one of those yarns! This is a yarn from Manos del Uruguay and it is Silk Blend. 

The colors are so gorgeous in these fibers it just really begs to be draped and worn. It is a 70% virgin wool with a 30% silk blend. It is a Merino wool and because of the silk the color are just really rich, saturated, and glorious. 

I'm going to unwind this one and you can actually see this is what's called a "Semi-Solid". There are lights and deeper tones as the silk and the wool take the dye differently. This is one of the fuchsia shades. We have the "Space-Dyes" which come in a variety of different color ways from very pale, to very vibrant, to ones that contrast deeply, to ones that merely blend. These are very short color transitions. They are going to give you a variegated effect, but it's going to be a very pleasing effect because the colors are just so harmonious. 

This is all from Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend. I'm showing you a few of the colors here. There are actually 50 in total. Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend is 150 yards per hank. It knits up at a DK weight and you'll be knitting using a US 4 to 6 needle. It is hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.

I will tell you that it blocks beautifully. I have personally used this on lace projects and straight stockinette projects. I was happy when it was done, but I was much happier when it was blocked. It literally just blooms and glows and is going to be a project that you'll wear for a long, long time. 

So again, Manos del Uruguay in 50 fabulous shades. Please see them all online or our website. If you like this video give us a thumbs up, leave a comment, or subscribe to our channel here on YouTube. Thanks so much, it's Donna the Knitting Doctor.

Happy Knitting!