Chic-a Quick Draw Knitting Project Bags Review

Hi Noble Knitters! It's Suzanne with here with another Cool Tools & Kits segment. Today's cool tool is the Quick Draw Bag from the Chic-a Company. This is a medium sized bag (known as a Large Quick Draw Bag) it has a plastic bottom (oil cloth actually) to it and a drawstring up at the top to cinch it together. It's also got a nice amount of space on the inside and a pocket as well. So, you can put your needles or any kind of small notions in there. 

In the big space you could fit a couple of balls of yarn, a pattern - it seems like it would be a great, versatile bag for carrying a project around. It's really cute, too!

We carry it in a couple of different colors. This is the Pink Toile. The Pink Toile has a polka dot interior. We have it in Black Toile and that has a white and black polka dot interior. And, we also have it in a Zebra print and that, actually, just has a solid black on the inside.

One of the fun things about this project bag - the Quick Draw bag, is that it is, actually, reversible. So, you can turn it inside out if you'd like, and then you have a polka-dot bag instead of a plain pink bag. Then your pocket is actually on the outside instead of the inside. So, depending on your day, your can have a double the duty bag. 

The bag measures 5 inches by 7 inches by 12 inches. Like I said, it's just a great, medium sized bag. It's a fun bag, a cute bag, and just a really great versatile size. I'm working on a project right now and I opened this up and I said, "Wow! This would be a great bag for carrying that project that I'm working on. 

Again, it's the Quick Draw Bag and it's available at You can click the link below to see more about this project bag. Also, click the link below to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, like, and comment. Thanks for watching!

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