Peter Pan Cupcake Baby Yarn Review

Hello Noble Knitters. It's Donna and I'm the Knitting Doctor here at NobleKnits. Today I'm here to show you one of my very favorite baby yarns. It's from a company called Peter Pan and the yarn is called Cupcake. So, I have a couple of them here to show you, and gosh, these are just lovely, lovely pastel baby shades. But, they are unexpected combinations. For example, this one is a yellow and sage green, with gray and white. Here we have a pink and white. This one is pink, fuchsia, and purple. We have a blue with a salmon color; it's really interesting and really cool. This one is primarily yellow with pinks, mint greens, and whites. 

So, at any rate, these remind me of frosting on a cake! Very very soft! It's 50% acrylic and 50% nylon, machine wash and dry. It's a very affordable yarn.

The knitting patterns, I've selected a couple to show you. Here's a little girls pom pom tunic. Here's a baby smock or tunic along with a poncho pattern. And, there are some baby jackets here, too. One is a hoodie, for a little boy. None of these projects are difficult to do and the largest size on these takes up to 6 balls - not a huge amount of yarn. Cupcake is a really great yarn and a really soft yarn. And let me see here, it looks like these projects will fit up to a 24" chest measurement.

Again, this is Peter Pan Cupcake yarn. It comes in 15 colors, 98 yards to a ball. It's machine wash and dry, 50% acrylic and 50% nylon. A really good choice for a baby yarn!

So it's the Knitting Doctor here at NobleKnits. I hope that this has been helpful. If it has, please give us a thumbs up, comment below, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thanks again!

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