Plymouth Eros II Yarn Review

Hi NobleKnitters! It's Donna, the Knitting Doctor, here at NobleKnits. Today I'd like to show you a fun little yarn called Eros, made by Plymouth Yarn Company. It's a metallic, it'a a trellis yarn, it's a fun little novelty knit. Again you can see here the trellis yarn where there are two strands held together by these little metallic rectangles. 

Eros is 100% nylon. Two balls of Eros makes a really nice drapey scarf. There's also a way you can kick this up a bit. I have here another skein of Eros, there are 18 colors in all. So how about the Eros Emerald Green color along with a Plymouth Kid Gloss yarn (it's a lightweight mohair). Pair them together, up your needle size to about a US 11 or 13 needle and you're going to have a really big open, airy project that can be either a scarf or a wrap depending on how many stitches you cast on. 

There's lots of combinations, lots of possibilities with this yarn. Here's another combination we just put together. Eros in brilliant blues along with the fuchsias with the deep blue Kid Gloss. If you choose to hold the two yarns together to make that big scarf or stole, you'll need two balls of Eros, two balls of Kid Gloss, and a US 11 or 13 needle. Eros has 165 yards per ball, 2 balls make the project.

Plus, we do have a really cute project online that comes free with Eros yarn purchase. Ok, so it's Donna the Knitting Doctor. I hope you have enjoyed today's segment! Thank you..please comment and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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