Delicious Yarns Bakes Up a New Knitting Kit

 Baking up a new knitting kit: The T-Shirt Shawl from Delicious Yarns

Baking up a new knitting kit: The T-Shirt Shawl from Delicious Yarns

Hi Noble Knitters!

It's Nancy Queen and I'm back again today to tell you about Delicious Yarns. They are an adorable hand dye company and everything they do has a baking feel to it. The logo has this super sweet cupcake on it and names of their colors are all food related.  

The packaging, as you can see is this cute little baking tin. When they do their hand dying, they put a little "bite" of color in each hank.

I'm going to talk to you about this kit. This is the T-Shirt Shawl Kit and as you can see, here on the side is a picture of what the shawl looks like. This one comes in four colors: Cotton Candy, Rock Candy, Kiwi Fudge (which is the kit I'm showing), and Peanut Butter & Jelly. 

 T-Shirt Shawl from Delicious Yarns

T-Shirt Shawl from Delicious Yarns

Let's open up this kit so you can take a look at what's inside. Even on the bottom, instead of just the details of the kit, they call it "Nutrition Facts." What's in a serving? This kit is one serving. And no calories, that's the best part! It also shows the needle size, and what yarn it is as well as the color. It's just really a cute idea!

Inside, is one hank of Delicious Yarns Superwash Merino and the pattern (or recipe). The pattern comes folded in the bottom and opens up nicely. Looking at this yarn, here's the bite of color, right here. It's the Fudge part of the Kiwi. You'll see, when you open up the hank, how gorgeous the color ways are. The Merino (yarn) is spun so softly, you can see it's not too tight and you get this really beautiful drape. I wish I could have you feel it because the softness on this yarn is amazing and the subtle color ways are just gorgeous. 

The pattern itself has really nice instructions and a couple photos. There's a photo here (on the front) and on the back. There's even a schematic to tell you what the finished measurements are. This one! You can actually make it in three sizes. Up to 31" long by up to 72" across, so that's a really generously sized shawl. 

Again, this is the Delicious Yarns T-Shirt Shawl Knitting Kit in four colors available at 

Happy knitting!