Binkwaffle Bags Product Review

Hi NobleKnitters! It's Suzanne from I'm here today to show you one of the latest notions we have, it's the Binkwaffle Bag! It's a yarn tote - yarn keeper - that is just beautiful. Really cute - it comes in a lot of different colors (and fabrics). It's reversible, so if you're not in the mood for one color one day, flip it and have another color. 

It's made really well so that your yarn can go in here and not snag on anything. It's seamed really beautifully. To carry it, you just take one side and slip it through the little grommet and then here's your handle. This cute little bag comes in two sizes. This is the small dumpling bag which is great for small projects; a pair of socks or maybe a baby sweater - anything tiny. It also comes in a bigger size, the large dumpling bag would be great for larger projects; a throw, or an afghan, or a bigger sweater. I think it would even make a great market bag! They are so well made and they are so cute - the large reversible at well. These bags are hand washable. Thanks for watching.

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