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Product Review: Soakbox Erika Knight Baby Knitting Kits

Product Review: Soakbox Erika Knight Baby Knitting Kits

Looking for a  perfect little baby project that you can knit in a weekend or less!  Or maybe it's a shower gift for a Mother-To-Be knitter!  Well, look no further. Here it is . . The Soakbox Baby Knitting Kit. The kit includes two patterns for baby so you'll be able to choose which project you want to knit. You can make either a pair of baby striped leg warmers or a baby striped hat.

Each kit will arrive with  2 balls (60 yds. each) of Erika Knight "Blue Yarn", 2 knitting patterns, and bottle of SOAK to take you thru many delicate sudsings.

SOAK is pretty amazing too!  It's a no-rinse wool wash that you can use either in your washer (he) or handwash.  A little goes a long long way. I've have mine for almost a year and yes, its a 3 oz.size, too!

The scents are also nice and crisp, not in the least overpowering and yes, there is a scentless one too.

Each Soakbox color combo is a different scent.  Shown from left to right:

  • Fuschia/Peach - Yuzu Scent
  • Green/Yellow - Fig
  • Blue Violet/Natural - Lacey
  • Grey/Winter White - Scentless
  • Orchid/Lavender - Celebration

There will be plenty of yarn to knit either a soft traditional hat or the very popular and practical legwarmers. The pattern is simple to read and to knit.

Sizes included in the kit:

  • 0-3 months
  • 3 - 6 months
  • 6 - 9 months

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Happy knitting!