Knit Collage Cast Away Yarn Review

Hello NobleKnitters! It's Donna and I'm the Knitting Doctor here at NobleKnits. I'm here with you today to share with you a yarn from Knit Collage called Cast Away. You can take a look at this link to view Cast Away Yarn

This is going to be a bulky fiber that knits up at 2 stitches per inch on an US 11-17 knitting needle. There's 68 yards per skein/hank. You are actually going to have this available in two versions. Some without the sparkle and some with the sparkle (polyester metallic) woven through. 

I'm going to take one with the sparkle to show you. So these are hand carded and hand spun. You can see it is very thick and thin. Typically one skein will do a project, two at the most. Knit Collage has about seven patterns that are available online at NobleKnits. They are very dramatic. The patterns are just nicely done and nicely styled. So again, if you can see this here, you can see where there are several different colors or different fibers that are spun together. They are spun together in this case with the sparkle. It's 97% Wool the other 3% is the Stellina (sparkle) fiber. 

Here's one I'm going to show you closeup that does not have the sparkly threads. Take a look at this. This to me is absolutely glorious. Everybody here has their own favorite colors. This one I absolutely love because I think that one skein cowl or two skein kerchief is going to really show up beautifully. Their colors are flattering too. So it's a really nice project and a quick knit. Cast Away is really nice next to the skin so it's not going to be a scratchy project at all.

Again it's Cast Away yarn from Knit Collage. There are 17 colors available; take a look at them all on our website. Again there are 7 patterns available for this yarn, all of which are very easy knits. When done, you're going to look like an expert. 

It's Donna the Knitting Doctor. If you like this video, give us a thumbs up, leave us a comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching!

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