Knitters + Cats Purrfect Together!

 See the Knittin' Kittens Winner and view all Cats!

See the Knittin' Kittens Winner and view all Cats!

Knitters + Cats Purrfect Together

We love cats at NobleKnits and guess what? This week, we found out you love them as much as we do!  

Knittin' Kittens Giveaway

Knittin' Kittens Giveaway had ended. Click here to view the winner of a hank of Ancient Arts Meow Collection Yarn!

See LOTS of Cute Cats

Checkout all of the adorable Knittin' Kittens entered in the giveaway. Already entered? Click to find your cat!

We LOVE our Cats

 Meet the Cats of NobleKnits

Meet the Cats of NobleKnits

Yup, it's true. We have more cats among us than employees! Explore the cats that belong to the employees of NobleKnits. Like us they're fun...and a little crazy!

Meow Collection Yarns

Check out our Ancient Arts Meow Collection Yarn - hand painted yarn colors inspired by cats and donations of each sale go to a charity to support cat care.

Kitten Inspired Knitting

We also have patterns and project ideas from Ancient Arts with feline friendly names. 

More Cute Stuff for Cat Lovers

Finally, we've stocked up on plenty of knitting notions for cats lovers! 


 Meet Rowan (as a kitten), the Maine Coon 

Meet Rowan (as a kitten), the Maine Coon 

Cat Name: Rowan

Rowan's Person: Linda H. - If you've called NobleKnits, chances are Linda has helped you!

Age: 1 year (5/6/15)

Breed: Maine Coon

Favorite Food: Everything (especially treats & cheese)

Favorite Spot while your Person Knits: On the floor, running away with the yarn ball.

Fun Fact: Rowan loves Q-tips! He loves to flip them in the air and chase after them.

Rowan is the name of this adorable kitten. He was named not after the yarn company (bonus!), but because in Gaelic, it means "little red".

 Rowan relaxing in a basket

Rowan relaxing in a basket


 Mickey, lounging in the sink

Mickey, lounging in the sink

Cat's Name: Mickey

Cat's Person: Lee's Daughter - If you've ordered from NobleKnits, chances are Lee packed and shipped your order!

Age: 2 years

Breed: Grey Tabby

Favorite Food: I like every cat food I've tried except "diet".

Favorite Spot while your Person Knits: I like to sit at my "grandma's" (Lee) feet and try to eat the yarn

Fun Fact: I like to greet people at the door, play ball, and hide 'n seek.

Sunny & Sparky

 Sunny & Sparky 

Sunny & Sparky 

Cats' Names: Sunny & Sparky (aka "the boys")

Cats' Person: Donna

These adorable felines were rescued from the Cat Angel Network 3 years ago. They were abandoned in an RV park with no where to lay their little heads. Now they lay them everywhere!

Sparky's Nickname: Van Gogh due to 1 clipped ear

His hobbies are yarn tasting both on and off the needles (likes it on the needles best!) and indoor container gardening.

Sunny's Nickname: Bumblebee because he's a little round in the rear

His hobbies are toilet paper origami and squirrel shaming!





We don't know much about this cat yet, Donna rescued it while we were preparing for this cat event! His name is Littlebit and he's settled in well with Donna's other cats. Beautiful green/blue eyes!


 Sylvester Spallone

Sylvester Spallone

Cat's Name: Sylvester (Sly) Spallone

Cat's Person: Sheri

Age: 2 years old on July 28th

Breed: Mutt by nature, but vet thinks he's mostly Maine Coon

Favorite Food: He loves his prescription diet of chicken stew

Favorite Place while Person Knits: I can't knit when he's around because he attacks the yarn. He loves to hang out on his cat post.

Fun Facts: He has a lot of dog traits: fetches balls and actually brings them back, runs to the door if someone is there, and follows us everywhere. If you don't pay attention to him he paws at the blinds us to open or claws at the carpet until you notice him. He also "talks" to us constantly.