Knitting Guide to must-have tools and accessories

CocoKnits has created another must-have tool, a row counter. With a satisfying click, the counter keeps track of your rows or stitches. Numbers are magnified and counter attaches to the Knitter's Keep. Shop Row Counter

The Knitter's Keep is a must-have knitting tool! This handy bracelet allows you to keep stitch markers, cable needles, and finishing needles close by. No more loosing tools they stay neatly in place with this magnetized bracelet. Knitter's Keep is arrives in a beautiful muslin bag to store the Keep and accessories.

Find out what we love about these beautiful cable needles from Kinki Amibari. Today we're featuring their curved and grooved bamboo wood cable needles, perfect for keeping working stitches in place.

This is a product review of Hiya Hiya Cable Needles. Three vibrantly colored plastic cable stitch holders in sizes to fit all your cable knitting projects.

Kinki Amibari (KA) makes fun and functional knitting accessories. These cable stitch holders have almost a mustache shape and hold your cable knitting stitches perfectly.  

Chic-a Quick Draw is a knitting project bag. Fully reversible and available in gorgeous fabrics! Shop Chic-a Quick Draw Bags

Knitting Row Counters Product Review - Learn about the different types of row counters and how they are used. Never loose place in your knitting with these handy little counters! Subscribe to our channel for more knitting tips, tricks, and product reviews. Shop Row Counters

Knitting Bag Product Review! Find out what we love about these machine washable knitting bags. Available in two sizes and lots of colors, they perfectly store your knitting projects. Shop GoKnit Pouches

Knitting Needle Gauges from Retromantics. Made in the USA, gorgeous vintage inspired needle gauges - a must have for your knitting bag. Shop Retromantic Fripperies

Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles are portable, TSA approved knitting needles. They are perfectly organized in their case with a space for everything. Kit includes needle tips, cables, joiners, and hold rings. Shop Denise Needles 

Hate to block your knitting? It just got easier with Lazadas Blocking Wire sets! These flexible sets come in two sizes and will block and shape you need. Lazadas Blocking Sets are sure to become your go-to blocking tool. This is a portable set of blocking wire and t-pins packed in a reusable little tote.

This beautiful tool is a must have for your knitting bag! CocoKnits Yarn Snips are forged in one piece with Japanese styling and nice sharp points. Shop Yarn Snips

Stitch holders are a must have tool for every knitter's bag. These double ended stitch holders from Clover make it even easier to transfer stitches since it doesn't matter which side end you load first. These stitch markers are available in 3 sizes to suit all of your knitting needs. Shop Clover Double Ended Stitch Holders

Interchangeable Knitting Needles come in many styles and brands. Find out why you'll love Knitter's Pride Symfonie Dreamz Interchangeable Needles. Shop the Deluxe Set

We love knitting accessories and these knitting bags from Blue Sky Alpacas are just right! Available in 6 bird motifs, Pretty Cheep Project Bags are cute, fun, and affordable.

In bright easy to find colors, Clover Cable Stitch Holders are the perfect way to hold your cable knitting stitches. These cable needles are made of sturdy plastic and a must have knitting notion. 

What's in your Quick Draw To Go Bag?  Shop Chic-a Quick Draw To Go Bags

Functional knitting set from Chica Bags! Available from, this knitting set includes three handy pieces: a knitting project bag, a small notions bag, and a pattern holder. The pattern holder keeps your pattern clean and has a strap you can use to keep track of your knitting rows. Shop Chic-a 3-in-1 Triad Set

Knitting set from Clover - Must have tools for a beginner knitter! Shop Clover Knit Mate

How to use the GoKnit Pouch for your knitting project. Shop KnowKnits GotKnit Knitting Bags