Slow Curve Knit Along: Day 3

Rachel’s Slow Curve KAL: Day 3 FINALE

Here we are, we’ve finally arrived at Rachel’s Slow Curve, Day 3 and KAL Finale. This has been such a wonderful experience for me to share Rachel’s Slow Curve with you and I truly thank you for the wonderful posts of your work as well as your positive comments. Your pieces are all beautiful and so very different from each other.  If you haven’t yet posted, please do, I’d love to see your work and hear from you!  We will be sharing photos of the finished projects in a KAL recap later this week.

Today we will be talking about and working the following:

  • Wrap and turn (aka short rows)
  • Picking up the wraps
  • Wet splice for invisible yarn joins
  • Binding off  

How-To Wrap and Turn (short rows):

A little about short rows

...As with any of the other techniques we’ve highlighted during this KAL, you don’t need years of experience to learn. We will take the wrap and turns one step (and one photo) at a time and build our skill as we go. Once you learn, you will be able to confidently use the wrap and turn (w&t) technique to add shaping to your projects and tackle any pattern that features it. It’s also commonly referred to as short rowing.

Time to grab our stitch markers and our pattern and go to Row 18.  Follow this row to 11 stitches


the border marker. Knit the next stitch and now you are ready to wrap the following stitch.

Take a minute to page back to page 2 of the pattern and look in the Glossary section for W&T.  Look at the step by step written instruction and then the corresponding photos below.  

Here is what it should look like:

1.  Work to the stitch to be wrapped and move yarn from the front to the back (between the needles as if to knit).  In this case we have ended on a knit stitch so our yarn is already in the back ready for the next step.  If your last stitch is a purl you will want to move the yarn to the back.

2.  Slip the next stitch  from the left needle to the right hand needle purlwise.

3.  Bring yarn to the front between the needles.

4.  Slip the stitch back to the left hand needle.  If you look closely at the pic below  check the spot at my index finger  and you’ll see the wrap.

5.  Turn, making sure your yarn is in the correct position for the next stitch. In this case Row 19 starts with a purl so you will want to move the yarn forward and place a marker here.  If you want to check your work you should have 10 stitches between your initial marker that marks your border stitches and the marker you just placed.

Ok,  you’ve placed your marker and you are now on Row 19 and ready to work across the row until the specified stitch before the marker.

This time our last stitch is a purl so we WILL need to move our yarn to the back between the needles. We’ll then slip our next stitch purlwise just as we did in the steps above, then bring our yarn forward between the needles. Slip the stitch back on the left needle and turn. Your yarn will automatically be positioned for your 1st stitch which is a knit. Pop on another marker and cruise thru row 20 until the next specified stitch before the marker!  

Continue to complete the wrap & turn rows which are pattern rows 21 thru 25 placing your marker each time your turn as you did previously but on these rows. 



e sure to check your pattern as the number of stitches between wraps has changed!

Knitting Doctor Tip:

If you are new to short rows (wrap and turns), don’t be dismayed if you have to continually refer to the pictures. It will take a couple of rows or more and then you’ll begin to understand what direction to move your yarn and why!

As you progress thru these rows you will  be working less stitches each time and start to see your work start to slope! It should look something like this:

Finished with Row 25?  If you did, as you head into Row 26 and placed your marker, you should have 5 markers on each end (1 for each border and 4 for  each of the wrap and turns). 

Here is what mine looks like: 

Knitting Doctor Tip:

I've gotten a lot of inquiries about the stitch markers used throughout the knit along. We have so many cute stitch markers to choose from - select one that suits your personality!

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Whew! You’ve sailed through the gate for the wrap and turns. Now it is time to pick up those wraps so they are invisible. We will start doing this at the end of Row 26. Because we’ve placed markers to denote each of the wrapped stitches you won’t have to guess what stitch has the wrap. If you’re an old hand at doing these you don’t necessarily need the markers, but I think they are helpful and besides, they’re pretty!

Picking Up the Wraps:

Look at the text below and then at then the corresponding pics. There will be a set  of pics for picking up the wrap when it is a knit stitch and another set for picking up the wrap on a purl.

Let's get started! Work across the row until your 1st marker and remove this marker. Your next stitch is a knit, so I want you to look for the wrap (I am pointing to it in the pic below). Insert the right hand needle from the front, under the wrap (from bottom to top as it to knit) and knit the next stitch and the wrap you just picked up together. Piece of cake, right?

Picking up the wrap on a knit stitch

Continue across the row removing the markers and picking up the wraps. Each one of the wrapped stitches on this row will be knit stitches so you will work them exactly as above until the last marker, slip this marker and complete your border stitches.

Now we will work across Row 27 we will knit our border stitches and remove the marker and continue to work the row until we get to the first marker. This time we will be wrapping purl stitches.

Picking up the wrap on a purl stitch:

At the marker? Good. Let’s remove the marker and get ready to pick up that purl wrap. Now, this one is a little different…..we are going to picking up the wrap from the back of the work. As in the knit version, take a look at the images below to see where to go.  

Pull your work a little toward you until you can see the back of the row you are on. Look at the photo where I am pointing to the wrap. Can you see it? Ok, now we are going to insert the right needle (from the back) from bottom to top and place it on the left needle along with the purl stitch.  Purl both of these together.

Rotate your work toward you slightly

Locate your wrap

Insert needle under wrap from bottom to top and place on left hand needle

Purl these stitches together

Continue to pick up the wraps as indicated above across the row removing all markers as you go.  

Congratulations! You have just mastered the Wrap & Turns! Wasn’t that much easier than you thought? Next time someone asks you if you know how to knit short rows, you'll be able to say "yes!"

One more technique to share.  As mentioned at the start of this KAL, depending on your knitting style you may need additional yarn.  If you have used every last bit of your 1st ball and need to add more, here is a really good invisible method for an easy invisible join.  It’s called the Wet Splice and here it is!

How-To Wet Splice Tutorial

Now, nearing the finish line!  

Complete Row 28 and bind-off on Row 29 and that’s it.

Mission Accomplished: Rachel’s Slow Curve is now complete!

Now go find that favorite shawl pin and enjoy the compliments!


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I hope you have enjoyed this KAL as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you!

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