Getting our Knit on at Freia Fibers!

I recently got to spend a day with our friends at Freia Fibers Yarn Studio. Based in Oakland, California, Tina Whitmore and her team of hand dyers/designers recently moved to a new location. 

The Freia Fibers Studio is a knitter's dream! Painted in bright yellow, it's an open lofty space that's loaded with color. Imagine knitting inspiration wherever you look. Recently dyed yarns are hanging from drying racks from the ceiling. Bins full of varying yarn weights arranged in baskets, bins and shelves, and finished garments hanging from bust forms and mannequins. What a treat!

The vibe at Freia Fibers is fresh and exciting. Expert knitter, Tina Whitmore takes her passion for color to a new level with her unique hand dying process and quality fibers. Her color changing yarns are self-striping, a very difficult process to achieve for a hand dyer. 

She has the assistance of two young yarn fashionistas: Leah Chapman is an assistant production manager and designer and Ailee John is an assistant dyer. The studio isn't complete without it's namesake, Freia the dog. She hangs out overseeing the dyers, taking naps, and alerting them of any passers-by. The Studio is located in a building with several other artisans - so even talking to neighbors is inspiring and a great resource for feeding the Freia Fibers creativity.