Top 10 Favorite Yarns of August + Must Knit Projects!

What yarns made the "Knit List" this month? Check out our knitters' favorite yarns and the projects that inspired them.

  1. Manos Fino Yarn + Must Knit: Infinity Scarf 1-skein Free Pattern
  2. Manos Silk Blend Yarn + Must Knit: Manos Main Street Scarf Free Pattern
  3. Premier Starbella Stripes Yarn + Must Knit: Team Spirit Scarf Free Pattern on yarn label
  4. Premier Stabella Ruffle Yarn + Must Knit: Ruffle Scarf 1-skein Free Pattern right on yarn label
  5. Shibui Silk Cloud Yarn + Must Knit: Gradient Cowl Free Knitting Pattern
  6. Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted Yarn + Must Knit: Ewe Ewe Scarf Free Pattern
  7. Universal Bunny Yarn + Must Knit: Scarf 1-skein Free Pattern right on yarn label
  8. Plymouth Pasea Yarn + Must Knit: Short Rows Scarf Pattern free with Pasea purchase
  9. Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande Hues Yarn + Must Knit: 1-skein Cowl Pattern free with Hues purchase
  10. Plymouth Eros II Ladder/Trellis Yarn + Must Knit: Ruffle Edge Scarf Pattern free with Eros purchase
Happy knitting!