How a common household item organized my knitting!

Knitting Tip!

Use this common household object to organize your knitting - I found a paper towel holder that I thought was a little quirky and decided it might be handy for those little wound balls floating all over my knitting room. 

The paper towel holder (now yarn holder!) instantly made things look tidier.

In addition, I use a lot of hand painted yarns and found that I can stack the balls in the order that I am going to use them.

Another Tip: 

Find a towel holder that also rotates so if you sit at a table to knit, the yarn will unwind very easily.  It works best if the balls are wound in those little cakes made from

yarn winders

. If you don't have a

yarn winder

, when you hand wind, make sure you use two fingers when wrapping the ball!

This knitting tip has been provided by 

Donna Pelzar, aka the Knitting Doctor

. If you have a knitting question or tip, feel free to contact Donna!

Happy knitting!