Yarn Review: The Fibre Company Meadow Lace Yarn

The Fibre Company Meadow Lace Yarn

Meadow is a dream yarn for lace knitting! This much anticipated new yarn just arrived from The Fibre Company and we can't wait to get it on the needles. Our Knitting Doctor, Donna Pelzar, describes Meadow, "Beautiful. Meadow has a nice hand and I love the multi-toned colors. I could see knitting this yarn into a light slouchy boatneck sweater."

The tonal color variations of Meadow yarn provide beautiful stitch definition and depth to your project. Meadow can be knitted alone and worked at a lace weight or doubled to knit up at a fingering/dk weight.
What I love most about Meadow yarn is it's softness. What makes it so luxurious is the sumptuous fiber content. The Fibre Company combined four fibers: Merino, Baby Llama, Silk, and Linen to create Meadow and each provides it's own unique properties to this yarn.

Try knitting Meadow and be sure to let us know what you think, either by posting in the comments section below or by writing a review on our Meadow Yarn page.

What to knit out of The Fibre Company Meadow Yarn:

Happy knitting!