June Recap: Top 10 Yarns!

Which Yarns Made the Must-Knit List? Take a look at the most popular yarns for June 2013 

The Knitting Trend: Color changing yarn was a key player this month with Ty-Dy Cotton yarn from Knit One Crochet Too. Freia Fibers Ombre Fingering also made the list with its unique hand dyed color changes. Yarns that work up fast into a one-skein scarf or quick-knit project continue to be a strong favorite such as the Starbella & Starbella Stripes yarns and Rozetti's Chiffon Ribbon Ruffle yarn. Cuddly baby yarn made the list this month from Rozetti yarns, their Soft 'n Plush Baby yarn was a surprise hit with knitters. Let's not forget about the sophisticated knitter's kettle dyed favorites: Manos Lace and Manos Serena yarns. And last, but by no means least, Maharani Silk, a lovely handspun luxury fiber from Knit Collage rounded out the list proving knitters love a rich fiber with a hint of glitz.

June Recap: Top 10 Yarns
  1. Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Cotton Yarn
  2. Premer Starbella Stripes Yarn
  3. Manos del Uruguay Lace Yarn
  4. Premier Starbella Neon Yarn
  5. Manos del Uruguay Serena Yarn
  6. Feza Alp Virgin Yarn
  7. Rozetti Chiffon Ribbon Ruffle Yarn
  8. Rozetti Soft 'n Plush Baby Yarn
  9. Freia Fibers Ombre Fingering Yarn
  10. Knit Collage Maharani Silk Yarn
Happy knitting!