Crochet Saves the Day for an Injured Kitten!

Mushroom Wasabi-Chan, Photo Courtesy of @Jessiepon via Twitter
In Japan on June 2, 2013, a tiny kitten named Wasabi-Chan was brutally attacked by a crow. 

With multiple injuries, the kitten refused to eat. It was only after being swaddled in a crocheted cocoon that Wasabi-Chan began to eat and recover.
“She was rescued after being attacked by a crow,” Reddit user DopeSk1llz posted. “Her top jaw was fractured, a hole in her throat, tongue was ripped, and part of gum was eaten.
The rescuer was feeding her with a tube which Wasabi-chan hates, thus this crochet straitjacket (Grandma's handmade) to hold her down while feeding.”

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Wasabi-Chan in a cocoon, Photo courtesy of @Jessiepon via Twitter
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Happy crocheting!