Yarn Review: ArtYarns Beaded Silk Mohair & Sequins Yarn

Yarn Reviewed: ArtYarns Beaded Silk Mohair and Sequins Yarn

Yarn Stats:
  • Fiber Content: 80% Silk with Glass Beads and Sequins, 20% Mohair
  • Weight/Yardage: 50 gram hank, approximately 114 yards
  • Gauge: 4.5 stitches per inch on US 7 needles, worsted weight yarn

First Impression
My first impression of ArtYarns Beaded Silk Mohair and Sequins yarn, is that it is unbelievably beautiful from a color perspective, heavily peppered with sequins and glass beads and probably tough to wind, work with and rip back.  I also wasn't sure that the yarn at 114 yards was enough to make anything substantial with. I was wrong on all counts. 

The Real Deal
  • This yarn winds well and does not tangle on the swift. 
  • It also proved to be surprisingly easy to work with and rip outs and frogging are relatively painless.  
  • You do, however, have to maintain a gentle hand as the sequins and beads sometimes get trapped but easily dislodge with a gentle tug.  
  • The glass beads and sequins are evenly (not randomly) spaced with a short distance between beads.
  • The color repeats are short enough to add overall interest to any project without creating stripes that would compete with the beading and the subtle halo of the mohair. 
More Helpful Info
The gauge of ArtYarns Beaded Silk Mohair and Sequins Yarn is 5 stitches to the inch on a size 6 needle.  I chose to go up several needle sizes and ended up with an 11 for a very open piece with a very nice drape.  My remaining dilemma was still the yardage but for a different reason.  

I found myself loving this fiber so much that I found it hard to quit knitting, so plenty of yards for a good size cowl.

Final Opinion
Overall - a really, really elegant refined yarn that is sure to satisfy!

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Happy knitting!