My New Knitting Obsession + Top 10 Reasons

Rainbow palette - Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted Yarn
A go-to yarn to have in your stash!
As much as I love novelty yarns, I also love a good basic yarn, one that can be used almost like a painter's palette - all the colors I need, ready for when I get inspired to whip up some creativity. And just like a painter uses pastels, or watercolors, or acrylics based on the type of painting, it's important to know how a particular yarn is going to react. That is what Ewe Ewe's Wooly Worsted Washable yarn has become for me.

New colors! They just added 5 new shades this month and I couldn't be more thrilled. Here's a look at the new shades in the line:
New shades of Wooly Worsted: Aquamarine, Cotton Candy,  Red Poppy, Charcoal, and Wheat

10 Reasons Why I love Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted Yarn:

  1. Now available in 12 rich shades
  2. The colors work well with each other
  3. The packaging and labels are so cute!
  4. Super soft and bouncy Merino wool
  5. Machine washable
  6. Worsted weight
  7. Reliable, Wooly Worsted reacts how I expect it while knitting
  8. Doesn't pill or split
  9. Small skeins, perfect for small projects and travel knitting
  10. Great for Fair Isle and colorwork knitting
I couldn't wait to rip this yarn out of the bag and start knitting! I just love the new colors!
Here is a sample swatch I knitted out of Wooly Worsted. I'm not always an even knitter, and  garter stitch is known to show that weakness. Wooly Worsted makes my knitting look great! This square is unblocked, too.