Be Sweet Satisfaction Yarn

Choosing the right yarn for your knitting projects is as important as using the right size needles. If you want a chunky sweater, you’re going to need a heavier weighted yarn. However, baby blankets and lacy scarves look and feel the best with light weight acrylics. Let’s take a look at several different types of yarn, the benefits and general uses.

Alpaca Yarn

Considered a luxury yarn, alpaca yarn is perfect for clothing and apparel projects. Alpaca grow soft but durable hair. This durability transfers over to your finished product ensuring your time spent knitting will last for years to come.Another benefit to Alpaca yarn is that it's hypoallergenic. If you have an allergy to wool or your fingers are agitated by synthetic blends, this yarn can relieve your symptoms while still allowing you to enjoy your knitting talent. This specif yarn would also be good for people with sensitive skin.

Wool Yarn

Wool is a fantastic yarn for beginning knitters because of its elasticity. Wool tends to bounce back to its original shape even after stretching. It’s also a soft fiber that is resilient against stains and works as an insulator. Many people like to use wool yarn for hats, mittens, ear warmers and muffs.Another benefit to wool is its felting ability. If placed in a water and then heat dried, the wool fibers shrink together to form an almost impervious fabric. This is especially desirable for bags and purses.

Angora Yarn

Made from rabbit fur, angora yarn is the epitome of luxury in the yarn world. Soft enough for baby garments yet elegant enough for evening jackets and high collars, angora is as impressive as it is versatile.Angora is hand-washable and easy to dye making it a high-end option for sweaters, scarves, mittens and hats.

Cashmere Yarn

Cashmere yarn is the Roles Royce of yarns. It is light weight and yet warm. Made from soft goat hair, cashmere hangs beautifully and adds grace to any project. The most common articles made from cashmere are sweaters; however, cashmere can be used for almost any project.

Acrylic Yarn

Made from man-made materials, acrylic yarns come in a variety of colors not found in the natural fibers. This selection allows for changes in the fashion pallet. The most common project made with acrylic yarn is an afghan, though scarves and gloves are also popular. Good for people with allergies to natural fibers, this yarn is durable and often machine washable.