Knitting with Fiber Trend Patterns

Fiber Trend Knitting Pattern
Bedroom felted slippers make for great gifts, for kids and for adults. Along with a bottle of bubble bath or customized socks made from soft sock yarn, felt clogs or felted slippers make for the perfect gift.

While yarn products are available in most stores, making them yourself adds a little something special to them. Working at home with yarn can be a bit tricky though, so picking the right patterns is vital. A top favorite with most knitting lovers is Fiber Trends, one of the few brands that offer affordable and easy to use patterns for all kinds of knitting, including felted slippers.

Check out the many fiber trends patterns and pick from felt boot slippers, children’s crochet patterns, felt tote patterns and much more. Here are the top fiber trends patterns that are a huge hit with knitters.

Fiber Trends Lace Socks Knitting Pattern

With two sizes to choose from for a snug fit, this intricately beautiful pattern is quite a hit with girls. Knitted through with lightweight and soft sock yarn, this pattern is done up with double pointed needles and the socks have tiny flowers down their length. The border is scalloped and purl stitch separates the flowers keeping the socks from ripping up and allow in just the right amount of air. Choose multicolor soft sock yarn for some funky socks.

Family Classic Felt Slippers Pattern

This is one of the few fiber trends patterns that is for the entire family! With pattern sizes for the kids, mom and dad, this pattern will help buyer’s knit cozy felt slippers for everyone in the family. These are particularly fun to knit as the pattern is very simple and easy. This family classic pattern has to be knitted in double yarn and then felted. Felt slippers are best knitted with worsted yarn and straight needles. But beginners do not need to worry as all products come with instructions and what to purchase details, which definitely make buying hassle free.

Mitten Mania Knitting Pattern

This one’s great for people with kids who are constantly losing their mittens. Use this pattern to knit a misplaced mitten or make fabulous new ones that are comfortable and not the least bit itchy. This pattern is great for knitting mittens for kids aged 0 to 8 and are extremely easy to make. Uses colored worsted weight yarn and find some cool hat patterns by Fiber Trends to match these mittens. These also make for great gifts for baby showers and birthdays.

Fabulous Felt Totes Pattern

This one absolutely had to make the list. This tote pattern is simple and fast to knit and helps make really amazingly sturdy totes that hold just about everything! From school books to the baby’s supplies to groceries, these knitted totes truly turn out very strong and fashionable. To kick it up a notch, use wool with sequins to achieve a more formal look. The felt totes pattern also provides for a great at home project with teenage girls.