The Perfect Tool: Interchangeable Needle Sets

Interchangeable Knitting Needle Kit

With so many choices when it comes to knitting tools, it's no wonder people can become confused with what works best for them. Some things look appropriate for knitting but end up being useless or flimsy. So, why should an avid knitter buyinterchangeable needle sets? Well, that depends on what your knitting needles will hold and what you plan on making. Some small knitting needles are good for things like socks and smaller novelties, while others use larger knitting needles that use more weight, such as sweaters.

What do you need?

If you’re saying, "All of the above", then you’re a likely candidate for interchangeable needle sets. They work for everything and you don't have to continue to switch them out, so it's much easier on the designer.

There are some key features to look for when purchasing a knitting needle set. You should look to see how well the connections meld so that you can avoid any snag-ups when knitting. Many people prefer different colors in their knitting needle set, while others don't mind pinks and blues.

One of the biggest decisions when looking at an interchangeable set is if you prefer metal or plastic tips. Plastic tips are safe for planes, but some knitters prefer the more solid feel of metal. Some also prefer nickel-plated options.

Are you an intermediate, beginner or advanced knitter?

That should say a lot on how pointy you want your needles to be. Keep in mind that there are several brands to choose from so ask some of your knitting buddies and they're likely to offer you some great brands in interchangeables. Beginners should bend more towards bamboo and plastic mediums. They are also lighter for those who needs aren't overly-agile.

A big myth about interchangeables is that they only collaborate with certain size needles. In truth, most kits will come with sizes 4 and up. If you need something smaller than a 4, you can go to the supplier and order them separately. This is a nice benefit for those who do all kinds of knitting projects.

Expect to become a fan! Those who enjoy interchangeable needles will usually stick with them. It's rare that a knitter doesn't respond to the ease in which these particular tools give their users. Taking into consideration your personal knitting style will also ensure that you don't waste your money on an item that isn't appropriate.