Knitting Bags

Knitting Organizer Set

More people are becoming more domestic in today’s time due to rising prices and failing economy. One craft that people have started to pick up, mostly women but in some cases men, is knitting. Knitting is a way that one can make clothing, accessories, baby items, and even household items. The best part of knitting is the fact that you can choose your own yarn, creating things that you enjoy. After you develop the love for knitting, you will find yourself taking it everywhere. You are going to need a few supplies to make that a little easier.

Knitting Bags

Knitting bags are bags that hold your knitting accessories. Accessories include the yarn, needles, counters, and any other item you may need to work on your project. One type of knitting bag is a knitting tote bag. A knitting tote bag is bag that is made of waterproof material and helps one stay organized.

Another type of bag is a yarn keeper bag. These bags are similar to the totes but are smaller. They hold roughly one ball of yarn. The clear top allows you to see how much yarn is left, and the hole in the top will allow a continuous strand of yarn to be available for your work. These bags can even be put inside tote bags.

Knitting Accessory Bags

Accessory cases are a must in large knitting tote bags. The accessory case will hold all your notions you need for your projects. Accessory cases are a must to keep your scissors, small needles, and even counting loops will get lost in the bag. A good accessory bag will have sections for you to slide things into, fabric pieces to attach your needles and other hooks too.

Needle Cases

Knitting needles do not fit in accessory bags and will need to be kept in needle cases. This will prevent the needles from getting tangled up in the yarn, or stabbing you when you reach into the knitting bag. Needle cases come in different styles but most will hold your needles and then fold up. They are made of cloth and either use a tie or snap closure. When shopping for a needle case, you will want to think about what type of needles you use. If you use just straight needles, then your case will need to be longer and fold lengthwise. If you are using both, you will want a needle case that has pockets for the circular knitting needles.

Knitting is a craft that can help keep one busy, and kids will love. With a knitting bag and accessory bags, you can take your knitting wherever you want to go. You are no longer tied to knitting at home; you can knit in the car while waiting in line to pick up the children from school. Knitting bags also allow you to carry your project in an organized and fashionable method. Most knitting totes go with any outfit and could easily pass as a simple purse.