Sig'nits Charms for Knitters!

Hi again! It's Nancy Queen from NobleKnits and today I'm here to talk to you about the Sig'nits charms. They are a way to put your signature on your knitting with these adorable little charms. Each kit comes with a set of 6 hand cast pewter charms and a crochet hook to attach them. Sig'nits are gift boxed so it's really nice to give as a gift to your favorite knitter. Each set is different and we have so many to choose from! This is a set of little sheep and they are really cute. In fact, I'll take them out of the box so you can see how cute these sheep are. We have so many you can choose from: here's a set of mice and there's a pig that's really cute. They even come in sets that just have sayings, this set just says "peace" on it. It's a great way to let people know that you made the finished product or sweater. You can put a charm on the sleeve or on the bottom hem.
Here's a set of Sig'nits skulls for the rebels out there. There's even a holiday set that has a package, a snowman, a snowflake - some really cute designs. Check them out, we have them all available on our website,

Which Sig'nits are you?