Quick & Easy Magic Ball Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

In the midst of several larger projects that I have going

, I picked up a ball of

Be Sweet's Magic Ball yarn

. With less than two hours of some very satisfying TV knitting, I now have a very pretty cowl.

What I love about Magic Ball

is that each skein is unique. It's been hand dyed and hand tied to change color and texture as you knit. I chose to knit my cowl using color, Blossom. My skein started off with a soft pink merino, then a wool/mohair blend with slubs and metallic. A few rows later, the color changed again and I was knitting with an ivory mohair boucle then a pretty pink brushed mohair, and so on - all a lot of fun to knit! What I find so much fun about getting a small project like this is that it changes my knitting up a bit and re-energizes me to go back to some of my larger projects. 

So, next time you are looking for a knitting "quick-fix" try this easy cowl pattern!

Quick and Easy Magic Ball Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

Cowl Measures: 36" around x 7" wide approximately

You will need:


Cast on 17 sts

Knit every row until only 2 yards of yarn remain

Bind off and sew ends together.

Weave in all yarn ends.

Happy knitting!

by Nancy Queen