What to Knit using Imperial Columbia Yarn

Get to know Columbia Yarn

  • Columbia is a beautiful worsted weight yarn from our friends at Imperial Stock Ranch. This working ranch in Oregon raises the sheep and produces the yarn for each skein - we love that it's homegrown in the USA. 
  • Columbia 2-Ply yarn, itself, is Imperial Yarn's most popular. This 100% wool knits up at a worsted weight and has been mule spun, a technique that gives it the characteristics of a hand spun yarn. We love that the yarn has a soft lightly tweedy and natural look and feel.
  • Columbia Yarn comes in a 4 ounce skein with 200 yards of knitting fun. Shop Imperial Columbia Yarn

What to knit/crochet with Imperial Columbia Yarn:
Imperial Columbia Yarn: Dangling Dreams Crochet Belt Pattern
Imperial Columbia Yarn: Vintage Clutch Knitting Pattern
One skein knitting project!
Imperial Columbia Yarn: Columbia Scarf Knitting Pattern
Imperial Columbia Yarn: Essential Sweater Knitting Pattern