The New Trend In Yarn

Koigu KPPPM Yarn 139

A great yarn that many are deciding to use for their next knitting project is that from Koigu Yarn. With a large variety of colors and the high attention to detail, Koigu is being seen in all sorts of projects in the knitting world. Koigu KPPPM yarn is highly desired and hand painted with watercolors. Because they are hand painted, the yarn is obtains a unique color in every inch of skein.

KPPPM stands for Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino. It is the new and exciting yarn that is becoming extremely popular in yarn shops everywhere. Koigu offers over 120 different colors to choose from. Their fiber is 100% Merino wool which is perfect for any knitting project that requires a soft to the touch feel. Each skein is offered in a 6 gauge and comes to a weight of 50g. The needle size can range anywhere from 1-5 depending on the project.

While Koigu KPPPM comes in 120 colors, they have more than 120 choices to choose from. That is because the skeins come in a wide variety of mixed colors. While a knitter can go the traditional route and use just one color, there is also the option to go with a mixed skein that will have a primary color along with other colors that will accent the primary. Because the Koigu yarn is hand painted, even if a knitter wanted to go with only one color, they are going to get a great contrast because of the unique way this merino yarn is created.

With any yarn that is hand dyed it is always important to hand wash this material. Because the yarn has such vivid and bright colors the utmost care must be taken when washing. As with any color that is to be kept bright, cold water is a must. A good trick to use when washing anything with color is to use about a table spoon of vinegar. The vinegar will set the color. If the yarn is over dyed even the slightest bit it could run onto the other colors and the yarn will lose its intended look. The vinegar will ensure the dye does not run.

When picking out any yarn, color is key. The material and color is going to decide the price of the yarn. When it comes to a variety of color that is new to the yarn world, Koigu yarn is the trend. Not only does Koigu offer fantastic colors, but the merino yarn offers the highest level of softness. The selection that Koigu offers is endless because of their unique skeins that offer such a variety of different colors. Even if the mixed and matched skeins don't appeal to the buyer matching their own different colors will give a customized look that is sure to go together.