Meet Baaaabs the Sheep, your knitting friend!

Meet Baaaabs! She is an adorable sheep scissor holder from Lantern Moon.
Watch my video of meeting Baaaabs for the first time at TNNA!
Hi, it's Nancy Queen from NobleKnits and I'm here in the Lantern Moon booth at TNNA with Baaaabs, the little sheep with an apron. She is an adorable little needle and scissor holder. She's kind of weighted and comes with a long ribon attached to her with velcro on the end. You simply attach your scissors to at the velcro loop. Her apron itself, has little pockets - perfect for holding a finishing needle, stitch markers, or repair tool.

Baaaabs is available in two colors, white and brown (not grey as stated in the video). She's available at
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