Knit Kits

Rasta Hat Kit

Knitting is great fun and a useful skill to know. Everyone loves having a homemade one-of-a-kind knitted clothing item. Knitting is not just for grandmothers anymore! Anyone can learn to knit. Kits are available for all ages and knowledge levels of knitters. For a beginner the best way to learn the skill of knitting is to make a selection from various knitting kits. A beginning knitter should choose a knitting kit with one color of yarn and simple stitch requirements. Those who are more skilled can advance to kits which have multiple colors of yarn and more complex stitching techniques.

Scarf knitting kits are probably the easiest way to begin learning to knit. The scarf knitting kits will be all-inclusive; with the proper knitting needles, easy-to-read directions, and yarn. A scarf is one of the least complex items to learn the proper knitting stitches and techniques used in the art of knitting. This kit will also teach some of the knitting vocabulary such as purl.

Once mastering the skills required to knit a simple scarf; move on to hat knitting kits. Try to find hat knitting kits that contain a yarn that match or complement the knitted scarf. This project will be slightly more complex. The kit may have a different style or size of knitting needles, yarn, and directions. It is a great idea to have photos or drawings included for more complex projects such as this one. Knitting a hat will require learning new knitting techniques and styles such as knit in the round and decreasing stitches. A new word learned with this kit might be cast.

Next challenge your new knitting knowledge by advancing to the next level by finding sock knitting kits. Sock knitting kits are definitely much more challenging. The kit should have yarn suitable for socks, appropriate size and style of knitting needles, a knitting pattern, and excellent directions. For this knitting kit it is wise to choose a kit that has video or CD directions included in addition to well-written directions. Socks are more challenging because the knitting techniques require a greater variety of stitches in addition to needing to be the correct size of sock. Also this kit will have two items to knit--because it is a pair of socks!

After learning all the other knitting techniques for smaller projects, get ready for sweater knitting kits! Sweater knitting kits can be for simple one-color sweaters with simple knitting stitches or complex knitting kits for sweaters with stripes or complex stitches. Beginning knitters should select the simpler one-color kits to learn the skills required to knit a sweater. Because knitted sweaters are so popular there are many different kits to choose from. The kit will have yarn, knitting needles in the correct style and size, a pattern, and written directions with drawings or photos. More expensive kits will have a video or CD to watch step-by-step directions to learn the new knitting stitches and various techniques required to knit a sweater.