What to Knit in 1/2 Hour? Puzzle Scarf!

Got a half hour to spare?

Knit a quick and easy scarf using Wisdom Poems Puzzle Yarn. It's a self-striping yarn that changes color as you knit.

Completed scarf measures: 4.5 X 96"

You will need:


  • Cast on 4 sts.

  • Row 1 (RS): K1, m1, k2, m1, k1 6 sts.

  • Row 2: Sl 1 pwise wyif, purl to end.

  • Row 3: Sl 1 pwise wyif, knit to end.

  • Row 4: Sl 1 pwise wyif, purl to end.

  • Rep rows 3-4, until piece measures approx 96” slightly stretched, or until approximately 11⁄2 yds of yarn remains, ending after a WS row.

  • Next row (RS): K1, drop next st from ndl, k2, drop next st from ndl, k1.

  • Purl 1 WS row.

  • Bind off rem 4 sts. 


Allow dropped sts to fall down length of scarf to first row, stretching the unraveled sts on each row. Weave in ends. Block to finished measurements. 


K= Knit
M1 = make one stitch
Ndl = needle
Pwise = purlwise
Sl 1 = slip one stitch; move stitch from one needle to next without knitting it
WS = Wrong Side
Wyif = With yarn in front 

Designed by Michael Del Vecchio, compliments of Universal Yarn.

Beautiful self-striping shades of Poems Puzzle Yarn