The Story of a Beginner Knitter: Part 1

This is the first blog post in a series as we follow a new knitter through her first project! We'll share with you the progress of her project and any questions and issues she may run into as a new knitter.
Meet Kathy. 
She's a new knitter, but she's not new to the yarn world. She works in customer service at NobleKnits. If you called us, you may have spoken to her on the phone and if you placed an order online, she probably had a hand in getting out to you. Kathy does know how to crochet, but her real crafty passion has been in cake decorating. I've seen many amazing icing topped creations she's whipped up for family and friends. She even teaches decorating classes at a local craft store.
Kathy has been contemplating her first knitting project for some time. With the help of our in house knitting expert, Donna, Kathy chose a pattern and the yarn to get started.

New Knitter
Kathy has never knitted a stitch before, so we were surprised when she chose a sweater as her first project. But what we found out quickly was that when Kathy starts something she really dives in and tackles it.

Selecting the yarn and pattern
The knitting pattern Kathy chose was Plymouth Bazinga Jacket Pattern. She fell in love with a yarn we feature on, Ironstone's Sherpa Print. It'a a variegated chunky boucle yarn. Since it has a gauge similar to the Bazinga yarn called for in the pattern, Donna gave the okay and helped Kathy get started. 

Casting on and getting started
To begin, Donna cast on the first two stitches so Kathy could see how it's done. Then Kathy cast on the rest of the stitches onto straight needles. At the beginning of the first knitting row, Donna showed her how to knit the first stitches, then Kathy completed the row. They followed the same pattern for the purl row. She stayed and knitted with Donna close by in case their was an issue, but as Donna proudly told us, "Kathy's a natural! She took to it right away!"

Checking gauge
Donna helped her check her gauge and found that the gauge was on track. They moved her on to circular knitting needles and sent her off knitting.

Later that day, Kathy photographed her progress. It looks like after less than one day of knitting, she's really moving along.

We invite you to post comments and words of encouragement to Kathy
We'll check in with Kathy as she moves through the rest of her first project!

Do you have a story about your first knitting project? Share it with us!