It's a Wrap! Spring Knitting Fashion Forecast

It's a Wrap! Spring 2012 Fashion Forecast:  Knitted cowls, wraps, and shawls continue to appear on the ready-to-wear market for spring. Wear them for warmth, for style, and for an added pop of color. 

Now knit your own! This collection of cowls, wraps, and shawl knitting patterns and kits all have one common theme - they are loaded with texture and style - lace, ruffles, and lots of interesting stitches.
We love that they are an easy way to spruce up your wardrobe. Most of them are simple and quick to knit and require little more than a ball or two of yarn!  

It's a Wrap: Our Favorite 12 Shawls, Wraps, and Cowls to Knit Now!

  1. Olgajazzy Mizutama Polka Dot Shawl Knitting Pattern
  2. French Press Knits Lansing Cowl Knitting Pattern
  3. Ewe Ewe Caramel Corn Cowl Knitting Pattern
  4. Fickle Knitter Wild Lettuce Wrap Knitting Pattern
  5. ShibuiKnits Draper Shawl Knitting Pattern
  6. Pagewood Farm Elizabethan Ruffled Collar Kit
  7. Fickle Knitter Monica Lace Shawl Pattern
  8. Fickle Knitter Fleurdelise Lace Shawl Knitting Pattern
  9. Olgajazzy Miura Cowl Knitting Pattern
  10. Fickle Knitter Honey Pot Shawl Knitting Pattern
  11. Grace Akhrem Seaweed Scarf Knitting Pattern
  12. Shibui Mix No. 3 Shawl Knitting Pattern