6 Reasons You'll Want to Knit Shibui Mix!

Shibui Mix is a new way of thinking about selecting yarns and knitting projects. Our friends at ShibuiKnits have created Shibui Mix to encourage you to have fun choosing yarn. In fact, selecting yarn is one of my favorite parts of the knitting process. 
Old way of thinking about yarn: Looking at a pattern and saying, "Oh, it calls for worsted weight yarn...that's all I can use." 
New way of thinking about yarn: Shibui Mix suggests mixing it up! Take a fingering weight yarn and a dk weight yarn, use them together to get a worsted weight, or use two light dk weight yarns to equal a worsted weight, and so on. By mixing different yarns and weights to create the recommend weight, you've now open up your yarn possibilities ten-fold. You can also mix fibers and colors to create your own unique look.

To help you get started, ShibuiKnits has created Shibui Mix
It's a collection of 6 modern, easy to knit and wearable patterns that encourage yarn mixing. They hope you'll use the projects as a launch pad for how you think about selecting yarns. Mix it up!
Shibui Mix No. 1: Pullover Knitting Pattern

Shibui Mix No. 2: Pullover Knitting Pattern
Yarn Mix: 2 strands of Shibui Silk Cloud Yarn
Shibui Mix No. 3: Shawl Knitting Pattern

Shibui Mix No. 4: Wrap Knitting Pattern

Shibui Mix No. 5: Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Shibui Mix No. 6Slouchy Hat Knitting Pattern