Knitting Trends: Slouchy Hat Knitting Patterns

There is a style trend on the runways, in your favorite shops and boutiques, and now it's hit knitting in a big way. Slouchy hat patterns are a hot trend this season! Hats are available as slouchy berets or hats with an added bit of slouch...whichever you choose, you'll love the results. 
Slouchy knit hat patterns featured above: Ysolda Teague Ishbel Slouchy Beret Knitting PatternDull Roar Phoncible Slouchy Hat Knitting Pattern, and Knit and Tonic Monkey Bones Slouchy Hat Pattern.

There's no shortage of designers whipping up these fun to make patterns and no limit on the styles available. We've seen them in lace, Fair Isle, cables, and lots of other textured stitches. These projects aren't just for advanced knitters, either. Slouchy hats are available in styles to suit knitters of all skill levels.
Slouchy beret knitting patterns (shown, left to right): Ysolda Teague Icing Swirl Slouchy Hat Pattern, Woolly Wormhead Ziggy Slouchy Hat Pattern, and Knit and Tonic Le Slouch Deux Hat Knitting Pattern.

Why do we love slouchy hat knitting patterns?
  • They are small, portable projects perfect for knitting on the go.
  • You can knit one up in just a evening.
  • They usually only require a ball or two of yarn allowing you to indulge in a hand dye or luxury yarn
  • Have interesting stitch patterns, enough to keep you interested but not so complex you can't watch tv, chat with friends, etc.
  • Slouchy hats are fun to knit and you'll love wearing them, too!