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ArtYarns Sparkling Wrap Knitting Pattern

If you are looking for knitting yarns, which are designed for and by a knitter, look into ArtYarns yarn. Iris Schreier is one of the founders, and she is a dedicated knitter and has written several knitting books including Reversible Knits, Lacy Little Knits and Modular Knits. ArtYarns offers a complete line of high end yarn with premium fibers, such as cashmere, mohair, silk, supermerino and ultramerino.

The advantage of using the ArtYarns yarns line of yarns is that they come in a full spectrum of colors, hues, and gauges. They have a complete line of colorways that include solids, tonals, and multicolor yarns which are available for all fiber types. They offer skeins in plys and sizes from sock yarn to bulky.

One of the most sought after fibers for yarn and wool is cashmere, and they offer but 100 percent cashmere yarns along with cashmere silk blends. The cashmere line also features glitter, sequined and prebeaded skeins, to add some zing to your knitting. This line offers skeins with thickness from sock weight to DK weight.

Merino is possibly the most popular wool for knitting. It is less expensive than cashmere, but still wonderfully soft and durable. If you are interested in this wool, look into their supermerino and ultramerino lines of yarn. These yarns are spun using 100 percent merino wool, and they are available in a variety of colorways and gauges. This line offers that range from sock weight to extra bulky weights.

Another popular fiber for knitting is mohair, which is available in a silk and mohair mix along with sequined skeins. These yarns are soft and fluffy, and they are wonderful for creating shawls and cowls that are lightweight but warm. This line of yarn is available in DK weight.

ArtYarns knitting patterns are also available, which are designed by knitting luminaries such as Iris Schreier, Nicky Epstein and Sharon Sorken. These ArtYarns knitting patterns can be purchased or are available for free when you buy a skein of yarn that goes with the knitting pattern. ArtYarns also offers a selection of free patterns which are available on Facebook.

If you are looking for a line of yarn that is made for knitters, by knitters, look into the ArtYarns line of yarn. There are a huge variety of wool and fiber types available, with a wide selection of embellishments available to add sparkle and shimmer to your knitting.