Sock Doctor Key Chain Video Review

Find out why we love this handy little tool for sock knitters! The Sock Doctor Keychain from PolarKnits.

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Hi again, it's Nancy Queen from and I'm here today to show you the Sock Doctor Key Chain. The Sock Doctor Key Chain is from our friends at PolarKnits. It's a great little tool to show new knitters how to make sock or as handy reminder of the steps involved to make a sock. On the back of the key chain is how to do the Kitchener Stitch. 

On the front you'll see the sock steps: the cuff, the leg, the heel flap, turning the heel, the instep, the foot, and the toe. Then on the back, the Kitchener stitch is actually written out for you. And finally, there is a little finishing needle hidden in the toe.
It has a key ring and a clip. So, you can clip the Sock Doctor onto your knitting bag or on to the project bag that you are using.

So, that's the Sock Doctor Key Chain, a handy little tool available at Thanks for watching!