Mark'nits 3-in-1 Set for Knitters Video Review!

Check out this cute little 3-in-1 set from Mark'nits. Designed by our friends at Sig'nits, Mark'nits is functional jewelry for knitters. This looks like a pretty little pin, but it also works as a stitch holder and stitch markers.  Want to know more? Check out our Mark'nits video!
"Hi again! It's Nancy Queen and I'm here with the Mark'nits - knit it, mark it, love it set from Sig'nits. What we love about this little set is that it's a pin, a stitch holder and stitch markers in cute little charms. Great little jewelry for your knitting and for you. 
It starts with a pin. You can put it on your knitting, on your sweater, or even on your coat. Then, it can double as a stitch holder to hold stitches while they are waiting to be cast off, or knit together with a shoulder seam, etc. 
Each set includes 5 little charms. These charms are removable. And you can use them as a locking stitch marker or as a movable marker that floats along your needles. I probably fits up to a size US 10 needle.

The charms are all really adorable and suit what we knitters tend to like. This one is all completed knitting projects. Here's a little scarf, a sweater, a pullover, a hat, and a pair of mittens. There are a bunch of different Mark'nit sets to choose from. This one is another knitting set featuring knitting on the needle, a sheep, a sweater, a cat playing with a ball of yarn - all very sweet. The next one is all candy..actually it's called I love sweets. It includes ice cream and candies. Here is an ocean one that had different seashells and a starfish. We also have a Mark'nits holiday set and it includes a Christmas tree, a snowman, a snowflake and a dove. We have descriptions of all of the Mark'nits available on our website so you can see what charms are included in each set. There is also an I love dogs and an I love cats set. And there is an outdoor set that features nature charms. It has a ladybug, a butterfly, and an acorn.
Very cute! So, these are the Mark'nits Sets - a great little tool for knitters - available at