Knitting Bag Triad Set from Chic-a Bags

We love Chic-a Bags Knitting Bag Triad Set. This is a must have set for every knitter. Watch our video review:

"Hi, this is Nancy Queen and today I'm going to show you the Chic-a Bags Triad Set. There are three pieces to this adorable set. It comes in a toile pattern and is available in a pink toile or black toile. The three pieces are as follows. 

First, this cute little one-skein project bag. It has a zip-top closure, lots of room inside and it's a triangle shape. It's perfect for carrying your needles: up to 10" straight needles, double pointed needles and circular needles and a one or two ball knitting project. 

Next is an adorable little notions bag. It's just right for a small pair of scissors, finishing needles, stitch markers, and row counters. Since it has a key ring, you can hook it to your bag or attach your keys. It's a great little functional bag.

Our favorite part of this Chic-a Bags set is the triad pattern holder. To use this holder, slip your pattern into the plastic sleeve. It has a clear vinyl cover to keep your pattern safe and protected from getting food or drinks spilled on it. Then there is a little strap that you slide over the pattern sleeve. You'll be able to keep track of your knitting by sliding the strap row by row down the pattern. What we really love is the that the whole pattern case folds up into a triangle shape with just two little snaps. Then, it sits perfectly and you rotate it around as you are knitting while sliding the strap to keep track of your rows. Then when you are done knitting, you can close it up and it folds flat and pack it back into your bag. 

Again, this is the Chic-a Bags Triad Set from and it's available in pink or black."