Hottest Knitting Patterns of 2011

The year in review: Our most popular knitting patterns of 2011

What made the "knit list" this year? Small and portable knitting projects topped the list, but that didn't mean the projects were boring! This year's hottest knitting patterns had texture and unique details that kept knitters inspired and interested. 
What was your favorite knitting pattern of 2011?
  1. Lucy Neatby Sea Lettuce Scarf Pattern
  2. Tiny Owl Knits Beekeeper's Quilt Knitting Pattern
  3. Pam Powers Challah Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern
  4. Cosmicpluto Simple Yet Effective Shawl Knitting Pattern
  5. Knit and Tonic Dream Swatch Forever Scarf Pattern
  6. Cocoknits Knotted Slippers Knitting Pattern
  7. Grannycore Crayon Hats Knitting Pattern
  8. ShibuiKnits Draper Shawl Knitting Pattern
  9. Pam Powers Oscillation Wrap Knitting Pattern
  10. Tiny Owl Knits Hopsalot Bunny Slippers Pattern