Easy Knit Blocking!

Hate to block your knitting? Feel overwhelmed with the process? Don't have a good place to lay out a blocking project?

We've found this handy little tool to make your blocking woes go away. It's the Knitter's Block. Packed into a practical tote, the Knitter's Block is a blocking set that includes heat resistant interlocking tiles, t-pins, a pressing cloth, and a blocking instruction pamphlet.

Top 5 Reasons to Love the Knitter's Block

  1. The blocks come apart and all pack up into the tote bag making this kit portable and easy to store.
  2. The tiles don't absorb water (the way towels do), providing faster blocking time.
  3. Blocks are backed with waterproof EVA so it's perfect for using on any surface, moisture won't seep through.
  4. Since the blocks are movable, you'll be able to arrange them in a variety of ways to fit the project you are blocking.
  5. The blocks have a soft, lightly barbed pile allowing the fabric to grip knitting project without pilling or leaving fibers.