Crazy for Cowls: Our Favorite Knit Cowl Patterns!

Yep, we're addicted! There's something special about knitting cowls. Most are knit in the round, don't require much more than a ball or two of yarn, and work up quickly. With the holidays right around the corner and my knitting gift list getting longer, cowls are just the right project. Plus, there's no need to worry about selecting the right size for the size fits all and they look good on everyone!

Here's our favorite knit cowl patterns:
  1. Fickle Knitter Cabled Cowl Knitting Pattern
  2. Tiny Owl Knits Ships & Seaside Cowl Knitting Pattern
  3. Plymouth DeAire Infinity Knit Cowl Pattern
  4. Imperial Yarn Sumptuous Knit Cowl Pattern
  5. Ewe Ewe Happy Cowl Knitting Pattern
  6. Pam Powers Challah Infinity Cowl Knitting Pattern
  7. Westknits Windschief Knit Cowl Pattern
  8. Dull Roar Dilih Wrap Cowl Knitting Pattern
  9. French Press Knits Breckenridge & Montebello Cowl Knitting Patterns
  10. Imperial Yarn Ribbon Cravat Knitting Pattern
  11. Grace Akhrem Tangled Branched Knit Cowl Pattern
  12. Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Cowl Knitting Pattern