How-to make a Silk Needle Felting Scarf!

This year at TNNA, my sister who is more bookworm-than-knitter came to help at the show. She went crazy over Pagewood Farm's Silk Needle Felting Scarf Kit
No knitting is required to make this beautiful silk scarf! Each scarf is adorned by needle felting bits of yarn and wool roving onto the scarf. Add a little, add a lot...the choice is up to you!

Below are lots of pics and a "how-to needle felt" video. Enjoy!

Here's what you need to needle felt this scarf - Pagewood Farm Silk Scarf kits include: silk rectangle, a package of tinkerbell mohair fluff, a bit of yarn, and felting instructions. You will also need a needle felting tool and a foam square.

I did my scarf as a weekend project. No more than 5 minutes into working on my scarf, my 11 year old couldn't wait to jump in and give it a try. She loves needle felting, too! We kept it out all weekend. Both adding little bits whenever we walked by - so much fun!

Watch a "how-to video" on needle felting. It's so easy and relaxing to do!

Sunday night, I couldn't wait to try on the finished scarf!
Angel never misses out on a photo-op!

A few days later, my daughter and I gave this scarf to our friend, Denie. She loves it, too!
Want to make your own needle felted silk scarf? Shop Pagewood Farm Silk Scarf Kit