What to knit with Berroco Flicker Yarn? Ask a knitter!

Check out the bits of shimmer in Berroco Flicker
I love creating new quick knit one-ball knitting projects. But when I got a ball of Berroco's Flicker in my hands, I had a knitters block - what to knit with this beautiful yarn? 
Flicker is so pretty, I was a bit intimidated. 
I spent and entire day (no joke) casting on, knitting a few rows, then ripping it out. 
I tried making a basket weave scarf..too boring. 
I tried an open scarf..yawn.
I tried a lattice stitch scarf..not showing off enough of the shimmer. 
So finally, I asked our friends on Facebook what they thought. Knitters have lots of good ideas, and I'm so glad they weren't shy about giving me pattern suggestions. This yarn is an amazingly soft baby alpaca with a hint of metallic shimmer. The yarn is actually a knitted tube so it's very open and airy.

Here are the knitting ideas I got from knitters like you for Berroco Flicker:
  1. Cowl
  2. Necklace
  3. Gift bag
  4. iPad bag
  5. On the bias scarf
  6. Nook case or bag with flap and buttons
  7. Hat
  8. Socks
  9. Little cosmetics purse with flap and buttons
  10. Mittens with cable up the front
  11. Easy mittens
  12. A headband
  13. Handbag
  14. Fancy slippers
  15. Fingerless gloves
  16. Cabled headband
  17. Scarves
  18. Baby Sweater
  19. Belt 
  20. Plant hanger
I decided to got with a simple ribbed hat. I went to a smaller needle size than recommend on the yarn label, and I really like how Flicker is knitting up.

What will you knit with Berroco Flicker Yarn?
Berroco Flicker Yarn