New Knitting Patterns from Leigh Radford

We just received some new knitting patterns we are really excited about. All of these projects are from the creative mind of Leigh Radford. This talented and well known designer has written a number of popular small project books such as: One Skein, More One Skein, AlterKnits, and AlterKnits Felt
All of the knitting patterns in this new collection are sold as single sheet patterns. The designs are interesting to knit yet not overly complicated. Radford excels at using vibrant color combinations and lots of texture in her projects.
Leigh Radford Felted Circle Tote Knitting Pattern

Leigh Radford Peace Sign Felted Tote Knitting Pattern

Leigh Radford Circle Bounce Felted Tote Knitting Pattern
Leigh Radford Shibori Felted Scarf Knitting Pattern
Leigh Radford Folded Cardigan Knitting Pattern