Knitting for Baby x 3!

Three tiny triplets born in July sporting their new cozy hats
Our family friend just became a grandma to a set of sweet little triplets. These babies weighed in at 4lbs, 4.8lbs, and 4.11lbs. When it was announced the triplets were going to be arriving soon, my mom got to knitting a tiny hat for each one of them. She chose Plymouth Dreamland yarn to make the hats and loved that she was able to choose a different color for each baby. She also knitted each of the triplets a coordinating blanket using Plymouth Dreamland Fancy yarn.

Two girls and a boy arrived July 6th and my mom was thrilled to see those cozy hats were being worn to help keep them warm in the hospital. Congratulations to the parents and the entire family!

Proud Grandma cuddling the newborns